When was the last time that you really felt good?  Can you even remember what that used to be like?  You’re so tired of feeling like a shell of yourself, yet no one can figure out why you feel so awful.  The PCP and specialists can’t find anything, so it must be emotional they say.  Perhaps you were prescribed an anti-depressant, but you know it’s not just in your head!  From what I’ve seen in my practice for almost 15 years, you’re right.  Want to work with someone who trusts that you know your body and believes that there are underlying causes to your health struggles?  Someone who will listen, empathize, care, and help you live your life to the fullest?  My promise to you is that I will relentlessly invest my time and energy to help you get your life back!  You are worth it!

Functional Medicine Initial Consultation

  • 90 minutes either in person or virtually via video
  • Analysis of all previous lab tests, prior to our meeting
  • Health history intake forms reviewed, prior to our meeting
  • Orders provided for further functional and/or conventional laboratory tests
  • Truly personalized dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Ample time and space to discuss your health story, concerns and goals
  • Specialized lab kits shipped directly to your home

Functional Medicine Free 15-Minute Consultation

This is for you if...
  • You want to know if Functional Medicine could help you
  • You have questions about the treatment process
  • You would like to talk with me before scheduling to see if we are a fit

21-Day Purification Program

  • Offered multiple times each year
  • Full access to the invitation only 21- Day Purification Facebook Group
  • A minimum of 2 Q & A Facebook Lives with me
  • Informative how-to videos
  • Support from me via the Facebook group throughout the program
  • Tips, recipes, and fun interaction with other participants via the Facebook group
  • Access to the Toxicity Questionairre for pre & post objective assessment of symptoms
  • The printed, complete 21-Day Purification Guide & Workbook
  • The opportunity to positively impact your health and create healthy habits!
  • All protein powders and supplements for the entire 21-day program